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2018 Art Show

Each year our Art Show tends to get bigger and brighter, even though we think we can’t possibly out-do ourselves from the prior year. 2018 was no exception, as we were finding blank wall space to hang extra canvases 30 minutes before we opened the door, but everything found a home and looked beautiful. Our teachers are Pinterest Queens and know that they can
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2017 Art Show & Auction

We have successfully produced another Art Show worthy of fine art recognition and our students created some gorgeous pieces together. This year we had not chosen a theme prior to the planning of the projects, but in the end we think that our theme was “Circles and Other Shapes” as that’s what ended up happening in the majority of our projects. Everyone asks each
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The Snow is Getting Deeper

The month of January left us nearly buried, thus it’s very own hashtag #JanuBuried started popping up around the basin. We were able to get to school and have class for a handful of days, and even one complete 5 day week before the next snow day happened. We’re so fortunate to live in Tahoe, but our kiddos are even more fortunate because they
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