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What Our Parents Say

I cannot be happier with the results of your class. You and your staff have done a phenomenal job organizing and directing the class.

Brittney is obviously not the same person she was before starting the class and a lot of that may just growing up and socializing but I really do believe that she has learned discipline and a vast amount of knowledge through your classroom.

I have seen many nursery schools over the years, but yours seems to be the most well organized. You have the happiest and most upbeat, caring crew I have ever seen or wished for Brittney.

She is so excited every day to go to school and see each and every staff member and student. She is very honest with us on her feelings, so for her to say this is quite an accomplishment for you. Great job again.

The class is also the most colorful and has the best programs with the most activities of all the schools available in the Lake Tahoe basin. Thank you for all your hard work and I know it must have been tough as it was your first year at this location. Thanks for everything you all do as your work is truly priceless and will have an indispensable impact on the rest of our daughter’s life. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

John and Sophie Luther

I have nothing but good things to say about this school and about the kids that attend. As a parent I feel well informed about what my daughter is learning and how she is interacting with everyone and I appreciate that we are welcome to pop-in and observe whenever we want. I plan to send my younger daughter to preschool here too when she’s ready.

Karin Hoida

IVNS provided a safe environment for Dawna while developing her social skills and confidence and preparing her for Kindergarten. Dawna learned so much while at IVNS, including music and science!

Isabelle Iam

IVNS has been an amazing preschool experience for my son. The teachers are nurturing, kind, and understand child development. There is a different theme every few weeks and the teachers allow the children to dive deep into what they are studying. One example of the many engaging lessons that were taught this year is the students were able to create their own class robot. My son talked about the robot for weeks and wanted to understand more about how things worked. They also incorporate a strong art and music program as well as yoga. I know IVNS was the right choice for my son because on the weekends he is sad he is not at school!

Liz Harrell - Incline Middle School Teacher/Librarian

My son really enjoys attending IVNS. He is always eager and excited to head to school in the mornings (the only place I can get him to go easily). There are always new and interesting activities set up in the room for the children to explore. Throughout the year, he has not only learned the basic letters, numbers, days of the week, and the like, he has also learned about the world around him. He has taken a keen interest in how things around him happen and evolve (everything from earthquakes to the progression of seasons). IVNS has really been a positive influence in our family and for our son. We highly recommend it.

Marsha Fronterhouse Sohn