Mothers Day Brunch Tickets

Firefighter Visit!

During our community helpers week the firefighters visited us to answer our questions and teach us fire safety!

Yoga with Ms. Heather

Yoga with Ms. Heather is a great way for us to move our bodies. We learn how to breathe, sit on our yoga mats, and new yoga poses every month!

Cross fit with Myles!

At IVNS, we love to have enrichment come into our classroom! Myles came from CrossFit Avalanche to teach us about moving our bodies, relays, and all things CrossFit! We had a blast!

Environmental Print

Environmental print includes the signs, logos, and words children see every day around them in their environments. Using environmental print builds alphabet knowledge as children begin to recognize letters in a variety of different signs, words, and contexts. When you go to the grocery store I encourage you to ask your student questions to help them notice environmental print! Asking them the color of different
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Balancing the Scales!

Preschoolers are curious creatures. Science experiments, math problems, engineering ideas, and current technology fuel their curiosity for the world. Learning how to observe, experiment, build, manipulate, create, problem-solve, and question are amazing tools for the future! This simple scale offers up so much room for experimenting with how heavy or how light different materials way as well as comparing and contrasting them. Lots of
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There are tons of benefits to stacking toys! Hand-eye coordination by stacking the pieces on top of each other, your child is developing a connection between their arms, hands and fingers and being able to place the piece down. Problem solving skills, this one is multifaceted in that your child will learn the size of pieces that can go on top of each other,
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Ms. Robin Circle Time!

Our kiddos enjoyed a visit from our local librarian Ms. Robin! Preschool is an excellent venue that prepares young children for kindergarten and future academic endeavors. Aside from learning about patience and understanding of time, preschoolers also learn about other tools they need to be successful. Circle time in a preschool setting increases a child’s awareness of language, physical and sensory experiences. They are
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2018 Art Show

Each year our Art Show tends to get bigger and brighter, even though we think we can’t possibly out-do ourselves from the prior year. 2018 was no exception, as we were finding blank wall space to hang extra canvases 30 minutes before we opened the door, but everything found a home and looked beautiful. Our teachers are Pinterest Queens and know that they can
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2017 Art Show & Auction

We have successfully produced another Art Show worthy of fine art recognition and our students created some gorgeous pieces together. This year we had not chosen a theme prior to the planning of the projects, but in the end we think that our theme was “Circles and Other Shapes” as that’s what ended up happening in the majority of our projects. Everyone asks each
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