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January has come and gone already!

Aside from our awesome field trip to Azzara’s (see my last post) we had a great month talking about snow, ice, and winter sports. We re-arranged the classroom over the holiday break so the kids all came back to a fresh place to play and imagine. We added a quiet reading area with bean bags that the kids are using on a daily basis. It’s really nice to hear a small group of them giggling in there while they are sharing books together. I have posted a random collection of our best photos from January – I’m sure you’ll all enjoy seeing what the kids have been exploring in our classroom. I think my favorite photos are some of a group in our AM class who have been building in teams in our block center. They created some amazing castles, as well as a color coordinated jumping game. They amaze us every day with their knowledge and awareness of the world around them, and we hope to continue bringing more excitement and curiosity into our classroom throughout the month of February!


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