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The Snow is Getting Deeper

The month of January left us nearly buried, thus it’s very own hashtag #JanuBuried started popping up around the basin. We were able to get to school and have class for a handful of days, and even one complete 5 day week before the next snow day happened. We’re so fortunate to live in Tahoe, but our kiddos are even more fortunate because they get to go outside and play in it every day! Our preschoolers have gotten so good at getting their snow gear on and romping around in the snow, it’s become a favorite part of their day. Our playground has gotten so buried we’re just about to the top of the fence line. You can see from photos early in the month that we still had some space around the equipment, but after another few storms we just get more and more buried. We thought you’d enjoy seeing some pics of our incredible mountain kids enjoying a real Tahoe winter!

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