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Tractors and Trombones for “T” week

A few weeks ago we celebrated “T” week with some special guests. Our AM class had an exciting visit from a HUGE tractor (thank you Rager family!) and all of the students got to climb into the driver’s seat and see how it felt to be up so high in a gigantic piece of machinery. They were all happy to grab onto the steering wheel and give us a wave. The following school day we asked them what their favorite part of the tractor visit was, and most of them said “standing inside of the bucket”! It was pretty cute to see them all lined up inside of the bucket with plenty of room left to spare.

At the end of the week our PM class had a special visit from a trombone player! Ms. Lana’s oldest daughter plays trombone in her school band and she volunteered to come give a little concert. The kids sat with eyes peeled and ears open and were an all together great audience. They asked questions and used a lot of descriptive language to talk about how it sounded and what they liked or disliked about it. Many of them walked away talking about how they were going to become trombone players when they get older.

It was quite an inspiring “T” week at IVNS – and we’re looking forward to planning more visits from our community members in the future. It is a great experience for our students to have a new activity to look forward to as well as giving them exposure to something they normally wouldn’t get on an average school day. After all….it’s not likely that Ms. Misty or I will start driving a tractor to school on a daily basis!


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