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The First Week of Preschool & PreK was AWESOME!

We started off the school year with a fantastic week of preschool and pre-k! Our Tahoe kids are the happiest preschoolers on Earth and we have a wonderful group of three and four year olds this year. Teachers around the world dream of the smooth first week that we had, and we ended the day on Friday discussing what made it so perfect. It
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Skier / Snowboarder Craft

Since we live in Tahoe we tend to talk about skiing and snowboarding A LOT in our classroom during the winter. Students come back to class super excited to tell us about their adventures on the hill; especially after a big storm or a school vacation. We spent the first week back from the Holiday Break talking about snow and ice sports, which is
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Halloween Crafts

We’ve decided that this is the perfect place to showcase some of the crafts & science projects that we test out in our classroom. Many of our ideas come from other teaching websites & blogs, and MANY of our ideas come from Pinterest, but some of our ideas are just our own, and we think it’s time to start sharing them with the world!
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An Extraordinary Art Show

Our annual Art Show was a huge hit this year and we’re sure that it’s going to continue to grow year after year. The kids worked in many different artistic mediums and were able to choose a great theme to base all of their artwork around: “Lake Tahoe”.  We talked about our surroundings, our wild animal neighbors, the water, the seasons, and even the
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New school year brings new smiles!

We have had absolutely wonderful autumn weather and I know that the kids have all enjoyed spending extra time outside. We have to get as much playground time as we can before our equipment gets buried in the snow. All in all we’ve had an action packed first six weeks of school with everything from yoga classes, to giant outdoor painting, to nature walks,
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SnowFest Parade 2012

We had an excellent opportunity to join the fun and walk in the Kings Beach Snowfest parade on Saturday, March 10th. Thanks to one of our hard working dads (who took care of all the communication, registration, and planning) we had a great turnout and many of our families were able to join us in the fun. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we
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Snow on the Playground

In early March we had a nice little snowstorm that brought enough fresh powder for some great snow play on the playground. The PM class immediately dug in and started rolling huge snowballs and stacking them to create a snow creature. It kept getting taller and taller until it became more of a snow totem pole – and without Misty’s help it would have
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Tractors and Trombones for “T” week

A few weeks ago we celebrated “T” week with some special guests. Our AM class had an exciting visit from a HUGE tractor (thank you Rager family!) and all of the students got to climb into the driver’s seat and see how it felt to be up so high in a gigantic piece of machinery. They were all happy to grab onto the steering
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January has come and gone already!

Aside from our awesome field trip to Azzara’s (see my last post) we had a great month talking about snow, ice, and winter sports. We re-arranged the classroom over the holiday break so the kids all came back to a fresh place to play and imagine. We added a quiet reading area with bean bags that the kids are using on a daily basis.
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